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KMC950 C-Arm
KMC950 C-Arm



KMC-950 C-arm mobile systems are integrated with triple field 9" image intensifier tube, CCD digital camera and rotating anode X-ray tube for R/F application. The C-arm x-ray generator is designed with state-of the-art-microprocessor control and touch sensitive screen control panel makes easy of operation and visualization on the large LCD window.

The compact size, correct distribution of lighter weight and the large diameter of the wheels and steering handle allow for easy maneuverability, quick positioning and the necessary flexibility to perform a wide range of R/F procedures, meeting the needs of all medical healthcare facilities. KMC-950 C-arm is utilized in an in-patient or outpatient care clinics and hospital for surgical, orthopedic, urology, angiography, trauma and pain management procedures.

Producing125 kVp at 15 mA in Hi-fluoro-mode and HF constant x-ray energy, the HF generator provides improved image quality and reduces patient/ operator radiation dosage. Further reductions in radiation dosage are realized with digital imaging acquisition and pulsed fluoroscopic modes of operation. The boost fluoro-mode allows rapid, high contrast image acquisition for an oversize or overweighted patient during all fluoroscopic procedures.

F-link software is designed for digital fluoro image acquisition and patient file management which is interfaced with C-arm mobile systems thru RS-232 C connection between HF generator controller and image workstation. F-link system is an optional item for a user's choice.

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