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Tingle TXR - Patient Table Semer-0001
Tingle TXR - Patient Table Semer-0001

Patient Table Semer-0001 - Hospital Grade System, Universal Radiography System - URS-Fixed Grid

  • Moving Table with large diameter wheels that allows for easy movement
  • Pressure Brakes on front wheels
  • Length 2000 mm (78.75")
  • Height 700 mm (27.5")
  • Wide 650 mm (25.5")
    Collimator SCOL-302T
  • Manual Collimator
  • Up to 43x43 cm (17"x17")
  • Electronic Timer for the Collimator Lamp
  • Rotating Anode 16°. Low Speed
  • 125 kVp
  • 140 kHU
  • Dual Focal Spots: Small Focus 1.0 21kW (50Hz) - 23kW ( 60Hz)
  • Large Focus 2.0 45kW (50Hz) - 47kW ( 60Hz)
    High Tension Cables: HT6
  • Two Ultra Flexible High Tension Cables 75 kVp, 6 meters (19.7')
  • Super Speed Bucky
  • Compression Band

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