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TXR System 18 - Cat Scan (Veterinary)
TXR System 18 - Cat Scan (Veterinary)

Cat Scan (Veterinary) - Trauma-Suite with Cross Travel Tubestand and Four Way Float Table

  • Zoo Quality
  • Top Of The Line All Movements
  • Table and Stand including Cross Travel
  • 125 kVp Power
  • 400 mA
  • 150 kVp Collimator
  • Analog Positioning Control
  • Handles Heavy Cats
  • Powder Coat Paint
  • Foot Switch
  • Standard Frequency 400 mA 125 kVp X-ray Control with kVp, mA, and mAs Digital readouts. Provided with SCR's, basic tube limit protection and self-diagnostic program.
  • Toshiba 1.0-2.0 mm focus tube 90°
  • Not Integrated Floor Wall or Floor Ceiling Cross Travel Tubestand, with 6' rails, allows x-ray tube and collimator to be stored out of the way of user and patient. Equipped with Magnetic locks, analog readout and touch sensitive controls.
  • Four Way Floating Table 60" long, with Magnetic Locks, light duty grid cabinet, cassette tray, barium cover & 103 line grid
  • Proflex 20' High Tension cables (pair)
  • Manual Collimator
  • Standard Frequency 400 mA X-ray Control COMES WITH ADVANCED TUBE LIMIT PROTECTION
  • Standard Frequency 500 mA X-ray Control COMES WITH ADVANCED TUBE LIMIT PROTECTION

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