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Tingle TXR - Optima URS SEU-MA
Tingle TXR - Optima URS SEU-MA

Optima U.R.S. SEU-MA - Hospital Grade System Universal Radiographic System, URS-Fixed Grid

  • Multipurpose Radiological System for Thorax, abdomen, skeleton, skull and spinal column
  • Solid floor-to wall column without need for maintenance.
  • Rotating Arm allowing for Vertical, Horizontal and Oblique Diagnosis.
  • Variable SID from 1 meter to 2 meters. (40" - 72").
  • Three Electromagnetic Brakes strategically located at Collimator Control, Arm and Electromagnetic.
  • Brake Release Push Button located at Top of Grid Cabinet greatly facilitates patient positioning.
  • Possibility of making Lateral Procedures with the patient lying down.
  • Grid Cabinet with 90° Rotation.
  • Easy Interchangeable Grid.
  • Including one Grid 103 Lines. Ratio 10:1 focalized at 1.5 meters (59").
  • Cassette Tray for cassette sizes up to 43/43 cm (17"x17").

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