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Tingle TXR - UPG-50G

Configuration #UPG-50G
50G Portable Digital Panel Field Upgrade

CXDI-50G Canon Portable DR Panel, includes;
? 14? x 17? (35cm x 43cm) imaging area
? GOS scintillator, LANMIT 4 sensor, a-Si TFT panel
? 2208 x 2688 pixel array (5.9 million pixels)
? 160 micron x 160 micron high resolution pixel pitch
? 12 bit/4096 gray scale contrast
? Preview image in about 5 seconds
? Power Supply and Ethernet interface
? DICOM 3.0 compliant
? Canon LANMIX MLT processing software
? Keyboard
? Mouse
DR-CAB - Dual mode landscape/portrait DR cabinets (Qty. 2)
DRG-10 - 10:1 ratio grid for DR cabinet (Qty.2)
DRG-10P - 10:1 ratio snap-on portable grid
MN-19 - 19? Touch screen monitor with generator integration
CP-80GB - Computer, 80 GB

Acquisition Options:
DR-V - Canon DICOM DR viewer, 2MP
? DICOM workstation software
? Computer, 40GB
? 1200 x 1600 resolution monitor
WS-BA - Basic DICOM workstation software
WS-LS - Workstation software license
ST-SW - Stitching software

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