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Fuji FCR XL-2
Fuji FCR XL-2

Digital X-ray with Exceptional Image Quality for Private Practitioners in an Efficient, Compact Package


The Fuji Film Computed Radiography (FCR) XL-2 and XC-2 are digital radiography systems utilizing storage phosphor Imaging Plates (IP) as an x-ray detection device.

FCR XL-2 and XC-2 units scan and process x-ray image information from an IP that has been exposed using a cassette-type x-ray stand. This system can also print out hard copies on film via a connected image recorder and can transmit digital images to PACS.

The FCR XL-2 and XC-2 provides general x-ray imaging for Private Practitioners. FCR XL-2 and XC-2 systems also include the capability to perform Pantomographic exams.


Due to the benefits of digital image processing, the system produces radiographs that have a high diagnostic value and are easy to read. Fast Scan (200μ), Standard High Resolution (100μ) and High Resolution (50μ) size using HR IP's is possible with the FCR XL-2. Reading modes are user selectable. Fast Scan reading provides maximum throughput for the XL-2 for both 14x14" and 14x17" sizes, while standard HQ reading mode provides 10 pixel/mm resolution image acquisition and display for all intake sizes without impacting system speed.
High Resolution (50μ) Scanning is available with the FCR XL-2 for 18x24cm and 24x30cm sized (HR IP's) making it ideal for orthopedic and extremity applications, where seeing fine detail is critical.

The system's wide latitude and automatic sensitivity adjustment function protects radiographs from variations in x-ray exposure conditions. This results in consistent image density for all types of radiographs. Image processing parameters are selected through anatomical region selection menus.

The FCR XL-2 reader can be network connected to multiple Flash IIP (Image & Information Processor) consoles and other FCR readers for maximum scalability and redundancy. The FCR XC-2 supports a dedicated relationship of the reader to the Flash IIP console workstation.

A Flash IIP console workstation is provided standard with each reader unit. Fujifilm's Flash IIP is designed for simple and fast patient identification, image viewing, reprocessing and optimization. It integrates patient identification process (via manual entry or automated by connection with RIS/HIS using DICOM Worklist Management) with Fujifilm's intelligent image processing and ability to transmit images to PACS and/or imagers. The Flash IIP features a simplified user interface, which allows for complete patient processing in as few as 3 easy steps. See Flash IIP datasheet for more information.


  • Dedicated XL-2, XC-2 cart: Heavy duty engineered stand providing countertop and cassette holder space for the reader, with the CPU and monitor of the Flash IIP console.

Other System Components

  • Flash IIP consoles
  • Flash IIP Laptop
  • FCR External DVD-RW
  • Custom Stand
  • Seismic Brackets
  • Mobile Kit
  • Axon (Sold Separately)

FCR XL-2 Image Reader (Model: CRIR 359 RU2E) & FCR XC-2 Image Reader (Model: CR IR 357 RU2E)

  • IP cassette type CC, LC, PC
  • Flash IIP Console
  • Image Recorder:
    • DRYPIX 2000
    • DRYPIX 4000
    • DRYPIX 5000

Available IP Cassette Types

Inch settings
14 x 17", 14 x 14", 10 x 12", 8 x 10",
14 x 34", 14 x 40", 14 x 50", 15 x 30cm
Metric settings
35 x 43cm, 35 x 35cm, 24 x 30cm,
18 x 24cm, 15 x 30cm


Fujifilm Imaging Plates (IP)

Standard type ST-VI
14 x 17" (35 x 43cm), 14x14" (35 x 35cm), 10 x 12", 8 x 10", 24 x 30cm, 18 x 24cm,
15 x 30cm
HR-V (FCR XL-2 Only) 24 x 30cm, 18 x 24cm

Mobile kit

Hardware brackets to stabilize & support for mobile vehicle use. Optional FCR XL-2 and XC-2 Laptop Flash IIP console also available to reduce space requirements.

Throughput (IP/ Hour)

  XL-2 XC-2
  Fast Scan (5 pixels/mm) Standard HQ (l0 pixels/mm) Standard HQ (l0 pixels/mm)
IP/ Cassette Size      
14x17 in. 87 62 35
14xl4 in. 94 70 40
10x12 in. - 73 45
8x10 in. - 87 56
24x30cm - 75 45
18x24cm - 92 60
15x30cm - 73 -

Cycle Time (Seconds)

  XL-2 XC-2
  Standard HQ Fast Scan HRV Standard HQ
IP/ Cassette Size        
14x17 in. 58 41 - 82
14xl4 in. 52 38 - 72
10x12 in. 49 - - 66
8x10 in. 41 - - 53
24x30cm 48 - 59 66
18x24cm 39 - 51 50
15x30cm 49 - - 65

Reading gray scale: 12 bits/pixel
Output gray scale: 10 or 12 bits/pixel

FCR XL-2 Sampling Rate

Reading Size 14"x17" 14"x14" 10"x12" 8"x1l0" 24x30cm 18x24cm


Fast Scan
Pixel density
Pixel Density (pixels mm) 5 5 - - - - - - -
Number of Pixels 1760x2140 1760x1760         - -  
High Pixel density Pixel Density (pixels mm) 10 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 10
Number of Pixels 3520x4280 3520x3520 2505x3015 2510x2000 2364x2964 2364x2964 4728x5928 3540x4740 1464x2964

FCR CX-2 Sampling Rate

Reading Size 14"xl7" 14"xl4" 10"xl2" 8"xl0" 24x30cm 18x24cm 15x30cm
High Pixel density 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
3520x4280 3520x3520 2505x3015 2510x2000 2364x2964 2364x2964 1464x2964


Width in. (mm) Depth in. (mm) Height in. (mm) Weight lb.(kg)
23.2" (590) 15.0" (380) 31.9" (810) 218 lbs(99)

* Dimensions and weight are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice.

Power Supply Conditions

  • Single phase 50-60Hz AC 120-240V?10% 5A (Max.)

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature: 15 - 30?C
  • Humidity: 40 - 80%RH (No dew condensation)
  • Heat Output: XL-995 BTU/hr, XC-962 BTU/hr
  • Power consumption: XL- 290 VA (W) or less, XC-200 VA(W) or less

FCR XL/XC Image Reader

Footprint For Placement

Cart Dimensions


Connectivity Diagram for Typical Practice


  • Network Interface - 100 Base-T/100 Base-TX, half or full recommended.
  • Any FCR Reader can be utilized, after registering the patient at a Flash Essentials connected to the same network.
  • Database Sharing allows sharing of exam and image data between Flash Essentials consoles within the Database Sharing cluster.
  • Interfacing with Legacy FCR equipment - devices that communicate through DMS protocol can be connected to the network printer by adding an optional Fuji DryPix Station to convert the DMS to DICOM.

We offer this product through our partner company Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

Please contact us for more information.

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