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LifeVue 19" (3-button Rear) w/ Audio - PN: 90M0229

Lifevue ?
Patient Monitoring

Patient monitoring systems capture high speed transitions for the heart that require solutions not inherent to standard displays. Fully compliant for medical use, the LifeVue? Series from NDS is the culmination of experience and knowledge to render vital wave forms as captured without image lag artifacts. With custom response criteria for all patient monitoring equipment that is automatically initialized on startup, the LifeVue? system offers exceptional image clarity, has built-in audio alarms, with a touchscreen interface and an ergonomic design.

? Fastest Response Time
? Sweep Speeds up to 50 mm/sec
? Fully Compatible with all Monitoring Equipment
? Easy-To-Use with Optional Touch Screen Interface
? Lockable Display Controls for Security and Safety
? Flexible Mounting Options
? OR/ER/ICU Bedside Monitoring

? Bedside Patient Monitoring
? Centralized Care Station Monitoring
? Mobile Cart Mounted Systems
? OR/ER Environments for Patient Monitoring
? Nurses Station or Remote Monitoring

? 15? or 19? Diagonal
? Touch Screen and/or Audio Alarms Support
? Advanced Security: Control Interface Lockout
? Standard VESA Graphic Input
? Flexible VESA Mounting
? Optional Desktop Stands Available

? Optional Touchscreen for a Mouseless Environment
? Video via DVI Digital or DVI Analog Inputs

? Designed to Meet Liquid Ingress Standard EN-60529 (IEC-529)

? Provides >70dB of Sound at 1 Meter in Front of the Display
? Meets Medical Requirements of ISO/DIS 9703-2 Respiratory Care Signal Alarms

UL 60601.1; EN 60601; MDD 93/42/EEC; CE; ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003; CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 601.1 & CCC
Class I Medical Device; FDA Registration #2954921; RoHS

ABOUT NDS Surgical Imaging
At NDS Surgical Imaging (NDS), our vision is built upon the unique ability to supply the medical profession with technologies that enable practitioners to integrate images from many sources, visualize a defect or condition within the body and to perform an intervention that improves the quality of care.
Founded in 1996, NDS is a privately held company in Silicon Valley with US-based manufacturing, R&D facilities and Global sales and service offices. Today, NDS dominates visualization technologies for surgical markets and is considered as the industry standard for digital OR. As the company moves into the next decade, NDS will deliver preeminent technologies and solutions that will enable future surgical and interventional procedures. All NDS products are medical grade devices certified under the most stringent U.S., European and Asian safety and environmental standards.

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